Arrow man

Arrow man.

Arrow man is...Arrow man. He can convert any part of his body into an arrow apart from his head, which always remains Arrow-shaped.  In the picture to your right, he is saying hello and using his right arm as an arrow.


Arrow man looks like, Arrow man. He is a dark greenish colour, apart from when he turns into arrows, which makes him a lighter shade of green. He doesn't have any visible feet, but seems to be able to walk perfectly. He does not have a nose, so it is a mystery how he smells anything.


Arrow man has...Arrow powers. He can shoot little orange arrows out of his hands when they are arrows, and he can also create a floating arrow which points him to whichever direction he needs to go. He also has the ability to skate around on anything when his feet are arrows, which confuses everyone.


Zeddy: Arrow man and Zeddy are great friends, and Arrow man often likes going to see Zeddy on a rainy afternoon.

Bobby the Bink: Bobby and Arrow man get along quite well, but don't really see each other very often. Despite this, they are always very happy to see each other.