The Bink

Hey there!

Bobby is a bink, an unusual creature from the planet Azerioth. He is a green bink, and hero among them.

What does he look like?Edit

Bobby appears as a green human with no nose and long elf-like ears. He has a large tuft of red hair.

Personal attireEdit

  • Skull T-shirt
  • Earth-Trousers(or "pants")
  • Plain brownish greenish shoes
  • Spiked wristbands

What is he actually like?Edit

Bobby is an unusual character. He likes to show that he is unusual by simply…being weird. However, he isn't exactly a madman. He's your average laid back guy, being relaxed lots of the time.

What can he do?Edit

Bobby has a reasonably wide range of powers including:

  • The ability to shoot lasers
  • The ability to read minds
  • The ability to charge up objects using electricity

What can take him down?Edit

Magic is one of the main weaknesses of Bobby, although he can be harmed through other means. It powers against his futuristic skill, leaving him powerless.