Maxwel,with his proto scouter and whacka wrench

For great justice is a list of some of the biggest wars and cathastrophes in imagiworld,from the last stand of the dead men to the war against the time deitys,it revolves around the rise and temporary fall of agent gold 


  • the clockwork god
  • rise of the dead men
  • the final battle of max and his brother
  • birth of a cyborg
  • destroyer of worlds
  • reaper warlord
  • war against the time deitys

Notable charactersEdit

the clockwork god - birth of a cyborgEdit

  • Maxwell the epic - hero
  • Saber the siren - heroine
  • Mr.creep - Villain
  • Darkwell - Doppelganger
  • Commander Beeblex - villain (in this episode)

Destroyer of worlds - presentEdit

  • Maxwell the epic - secondary hero
  • Saber the siren - heroine
  • Agent gold - new main hero
  • Mr.creep - villain
  • Darkwell - Neutral
  • Manhunter sigma - villain
  • Bobby the Bink - Secondary hero