The evil Mr. Creep


Mr.Creep is the arch-nemesis of Zeddy, mascot of the universe of made up stuff wiki, and overall enemy of just about any character placed here on this wiki.

Basic InformationEdit

Name: Mr.Creep

Full Name: Mr.Creep


  • Creepy-man
  • Killer
  • Mr. I hate everybody
  • The Goodbreaker



Hurting, Fighting, Upsetting, And being plain Evil.


Anything else

What does he look like?Edit

Mr.Creep looks like a creepy evil monster that's ready to party…EVIL STYLE! He has red glowing eyes with no apparent visible pupils, and he has a dark red ring on his chest. He has a pointed tail like the Devil has and a long, hoover-like nose. He is completely black, making him all the creepier.

What is he actually like?Edit

Mr.Creep is overall, Selfish, Creepy, Violent, Harsh, Cruel, and Overall just plain evil. He never lets you go until he has finished torturing you to the point where you are howling with desperacy, sadness, and pain. He doesn't care if he destroys his own minions, viechles, buildings or anything. All he wants to do is destroy anything that may hint against him.

What can he do?Edit

Mr.Creep is an umbrakinetic/mancer, and can control darkness. But his powers go beyond that…he takes this to the extreme, and his darkness can certainly over-rule light. He can combine his powers with any other power that he can see or has seen, and once he's seen (or been hit by) your powers, he can use them with a hint of darkness and doom.

What can take him down?Edit

Only the strongest powers of good and light can have any effect on Mr.Creep. No matter if it is incredible fire, incredible…well…anything, it must be light to harm him.